Making cameras understand humans


AI-powered cutting edge Human-Centric Computer Vision
for your business


Quantification is the cornerstone of every optimization. We automatically convert plain images of people to information-rich data points which can power your decision making.


Pioneer AI-powered solutions for core human observation problems

Currently, Computer Vision challenges are best tackled employing heavily trained Neural Network architectures. Despite the advancement of the field and the emergence of “best practices”, it still takes experts to convert basic research into novel and effective solutions that work “in the wild”, and not just in the lab.

We are Computer Vision experts.

Develop integrated applications to solve real world problems

An AI architecture rarely deals with a real world problem in its entirety. It’s not just the basic stuff, like data marshalling and visualization that’s involved. It’s also all the mechanisms that need to be put into place to provide guarantees (uptime, robustness, throughput, scalability) and overall end-to-end operability.

Training networks is only a part of what we do.

Deliver across several platforms, targetting various scales

The same solution might be required in different settings, including the running platform. We provide solutions that operate in the cloud, in provided infrastructure, on a workstation, or, even on an embedded device. The high demand on resources of AI-powered solutions requires care.

We can make AI work for your case.


FORTHSight is a FORTH-ICS spin-off company to be formed.

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